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Franchise Business

Franchise Agreement And E- Commerce : Great Medium for Expansion Of Online Business

Before going into the discussion of the content first we’ve to understand what franchise agreement is? And what’s e commerce?  Let’s understand this first, the

Franchise Business

Disadvantages of Using Improper Trademarks

INTRODUCTION Consumers are frequently confronted with trademarks in everyday life in today’s branded world. They recognize the brands not by their names but by their

Franchise Business

Non-Traditional Trademarks: A Comprehensive Analysis under Indian Law

Author- Preethika Vijayakumar Trademarks are a crucial aspect of Intellectual Property Rights. Trademarks allow businesses to distinguish their goods and services from those of other

Franchise Business

Film Titles and Copyright Law

Author- Kimaya Dalvi INTRODUCTION Song and film titles are protected by Indian intellectual property law. Numerous elements, including escalating digitalization, ubiquitous internet access, content creation,

Franchise Business

Co-Existence of similar Trademarks

Author- Aryan Radhakrishnan The kind of goods or services, the location, and the degree of resemblance between the marks all need to be taken into

Franchise Business

Points to be considered before setting up a Franchise

Author- Nandini Bhagat INTRODUCTION The majority of company practices have regulatory regulations that are unique to their structure and have been thoroughly covered by the

Franchise Business

Difference between Winding-up of the Company and Dissolution of the Company

Author- Preethika VijaykumarWinding-up and dissolution are two legal terms that are commonly used interchangeably, but they refer to distinct legal processes. While winding-up signifies the

Franchise Business

Procedure for Drafting a Restaurant Franchise Agreement

Author- Kimaya Dalvi India has one of the biggest franchise markets in the world. The nation has a huge consumer market, and a sizable population,

Franchise Business

Difference Between Franchise and Joint Venture

Author- Aryan Radhakrishnan To jointly develop and market bitumen derivatives and specialty goods for the Indian road-building industry, Indian Oil Corp. and the massive French

Franchise Business

7 mistakes to avoid at a pitch deck

Author- Nandini Bhagat INTRODUCTION Pitching your business idea to potential investors is an essential step to securing funding for your startup. The process of creating