Category :-  CAFE
Investment Range   :  ₹18L-₹38L
Area Required :200sq. ft.-1000sq. ft.

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We are an authentic Hungarian Street food brand that has blended the taste of India to the Iconic Hungarian Kurtos Kalacs also popularly known as the Chimney Cakes. With a presence in pan India, Kurtosshhh stands tall with more than 18 franchises established within mere two years of its inception. Not only do we offer an unparallel variety of sweet and savoury combinations, but also continue to top the popularity charts and win the hearts of millions of Indians. Our Franchise business model is simple, affordable and robust. Having said that, we are one of the very few brands globally who not only produce but also distribute the vital raw materials to our outlets irrespective of geographical positioning. We offer attractive ROI and are known to be a profit-making Chain of establishments.

Is it a chimney? Is it a cake? Well, it’s a pastry that looks like a miniature version of a chimney — slender, long and hollow. Kürtöskalács, or kurtos (if you want to eliminate the challenging pronunciation), is a delicacy from Hungary.

While most people return from holidays with extra luggage, their bags brimming with shopping, the founders of Kurtosshhh came back from a vacation in Budapest with their head bustling with ideas.

Look what they have to say about it

“Feels as if it was just yesterday that we were hanging around in the streets of Budapest trying to explore the local cuisine. The aroma of something freshly baked on charcoal attracted us to a small food stall where we first tasted the Kurtosshhh. Neither of us is sweet lovers but to our surprise, we ended up eating more than a few cones and realized that this was something which everyone should at least try once in a lifetime. Ravi and I are foodies and love to experiment with fusing International cuisine with local food to make it palatable for our Indian food lovers.”