Category :-  CAFE
Investment Range   :  14Lakhs-18Lakhs
Area Required :150-300 Sq. Ft.

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Samosa Singh

Shikhar & Nidhi, Singh.

It’s almost fair to say that they’re the heart & the soul of Samosa Singh (WoknStove Foodworks pvt. ltd.) . For to look back at their journey is to know that it takes a Heart to do something as big as what they’ve achieved and a Soul to commit oneself to it so truthfully.

From a working couple tied up in lone jobs to jazzy entrepreneurs, from a single outlet to a multi-city status, from a fledgling start up to a funded organisation and from a two member team to a fired up team of almost two score youngsters, Samosa Singh, with Shikhar & Nidhi, has crossed it’s first frontiers as it looks at the future with bright eyes. Their love for the Samosa & their fierce pride in the Indian street food credo drives them each day to establish a global space for the rich & eclectic street food of this country.

Started in 2016, the family of Samosa Singh set out to reclaim the rightful place of Samosa in the story of Indian snacks. Re- branded for the modern age, Samosa Singh (WoknStove Foodworks pvt. ltd.) adopted the Samosa to invest almost 100,000 plus man hours of R&D to give it a unique triangle interlocking shape making it less oily and lighter. A gourmet avatar that brought to us 45% less calories and 56% less fat and proprietary technology that let it stay crispy for more time.

The rebirth of the Samosa as Samosa Singh is a story of innovation, aspiration and finally, of the love for legacy. Of the perfect marriage between great business acumen and the myriad regional sensibilities of this nation. All wrapped up in the simple folds of a Samosa.

And yet there are miles to be added to the journey. For they are the change this great land is going through. Challenging their own perceptions. Reinventing themselves for a new experience. Each day.

With an anthem that says…

India’s SnacKing
with Samosa Singh