Category :-  CAFE
Investment Range   :  ₹2L-₹4L
Area Required :100sq. ft.-200sq. ft.

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The Chai Wallah

The Chai Wallah is a Pop-Up Chai Cart dotted around the streets of India to serve hygenic cups of freshly brewed artisan chai on the go, Intended to serve One Cup at a time!

The Chai Wallah is founded by Faisal - an Indian origin aka, The Chai Guru from his passion for Tea, Spices & Herbs. He was inspired to have found The Chai Wallah from his travels through hidden tea rooms, vibrant night markets, highland plantations and nomadic tents, where he discovered real tea. In these distant lands, where traditional recipes are handed down from generation to generation, the knowledge of spices and preparations lived on for centuries. Coming back home from his travels, he missed all that - but could not find anything similar so he brought all that tea knowledge home to bring those old flavors to the new world ...

At The Chai Wallah, we source all the ingeredients directly from small farmers in and around the country, where organic as possible whether it's the Cardamom or Assam Tea. Our house blend is a combination of finest Black Teas from Assam and Nilgiri Mountain Range that goes in every chai we brew at the Cart.