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Real Estate


To carry on the business as builders, property developers, Engineering Contractors, Civil, mechanical and labour contractors, building and erection engineers, consultants, dealers in, importers, exporters and manufactures of prefabricated and precast houses, materials, tools, implements, machinery and metal-ware in connection therewith or incidental thereto and also to alter, demolish, removal or carry out repairs on such favourable terms and deemed fit and to carry on the business of designers, Real Estate owners, layout promoters and also act as real estate brokers, realtors and agents and other service providers and to carry on any other business that is customarily, usually and conveniently carried on there within or outside India and to purchase, acquire, take on lease or in exchange or in any other lawful manner any area, land, buildings, structures and to turn the same into account, develop the same, dispose off or maintain the same and give away for rentals