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Customers are able to create both free and premium Telegram groups, and the Pric Technology Private Limited with its application PRIC app will allow them to monetize their Telegram channel. The PRIC app can be used to monetise communities, engage with members of such communities, discover new territory, and create new things. The Pric app gives the user access to a feature called unique #Tag, which enables them to reach the greatest number of borders and make more connections. The Pric app does not charge its users and is completely risk-free.

Understanding how developers acquire and share user data is the first step in ensuring their safety. Data privacy and security procedures can be different depending on the type of service user use, where they live, and how old they are. This information was given by the developer, who may choose to update it at a later point.

Exclusive Feed – Pric Creator can post content and can use the power of social. #hastag @mention to reach more audience and grow user channel #PowerToCreator.

Locked Message – Share user information for the price they deserve, create the locked message, and share and generate revenue instantly. Telegram Subscription Manager – Manage user community membership plan effortlessly with Pric.

User may put their complete faith in the B2B marketing and support services provided by Pric Technology, which offer a broad selection of options. In addition, we lay a significant emphasis on the development of new ideas and the growth of user business, all the while catering to the needs of their firm in terms of its operational and informational requirements. The entirety of the user company's mission-critical services, such as Internet marketing, lead generation, data processing, customer interactions, and email marketing, are all neatly consolidated under one roof for user convenience.