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PeepalTree Gurukulam

From ancient times, India is reckoned all over the world for its age-old Gurukul system. It was the system of education which was known for providing holistic education.

The relation between a student (Shishya) and a teacher (Guru) is considered as one of the most pious relationships on this earth.

The present day mainstream education mainly focuses on mugging up a predefined fixed syllabus and judging the knowledge of students only by competitive academic performance. This current system traces its origins to the British Schools, designed mainly to provide clerks for their offices.

In this system there is almost a complete absence of ancient spiritual knowledge, passed down through generations.

The Gurukul system instead can work on a value-based system where focus can be given on the uniqueness of a child so that they can excel in their area of interest.

Peepal Tree Gurukulam, aims to fill in these gaps from normal School curriculum to help provide a holistic Education for the next generation.

The slogan is “Nourishing your Body, Mind and Soul”

“Peepal Tree Gurukulam” is a new proposed venture to provide a “Well Furnished Second Home” with “All modern and latest technology” where Shishyas (of any age) can learn on any topic based on their interests and collaborate with like minded students.

The idea is to replicate this model setup to build a new Gurukul each year with unique facilities in which students from one Gurukul can effectively collaborate with students from another Gurukul.

The aim is to create one such center in each local area so that a Shishya can find one such center within walking distance of their home, a “model Gurukulam” has been set up at “Palode”. Palakkad , Kerala