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Premac Foods Private limited

I am Prema founder and Managing Director of Premac Foods pvt Ltd. Am a first generation women entrepreneur. We into this business since 2019

We manufacture millet based value added products like millet noodles, Vermicelli, Pongal mix and spice powders. We market all our products under the brand name ' Narpavy' in India and supply to a few countries as well. We are open to white labelling too.Innovation:

We manufacture Millet Based Value added products such as Millet Noodles, Millet Vermicelli, Millet Pongal Mix and Blended Spice Powders. We will make pepper Noodles, Curcumin Noodles, Green Leafy veggis Noodles, Sweet Potato Noodles, Vegetable Noodles, Herbal Noodles.

Pain Point / Problem:

Increasing popularity of Maida Noodles and its health issues made me to quit my teaching profession and start giving healthier alternative to maida noodles.

Young mothers feeling guilty to feed Maida noodles to their kids as Maida is bleached with Benzoyl Peroxide, Calcium Peroxide and so on…..

Maida Noodles are further loaded with MSG, preservatives, additives and colours. Noodles lovers who are also health conscious may have a hard time fighting their craving.


We manufacture Millet based Noodles with no Maida, Free from chemicals , Free from Oil and MSG. Suitable for all ages and seasons. All our products in the line combines scientific research with a deep – rooted tradition.

Uniqueness of our solution:

We procure Millets from Tribal community farmers . They supply us 100% natural unpolished millets. We clean it and wash it and then sprouted it befor making flour. Sprouted millet flour is rich in fiber, Protein, calcium and so on.. We use unpolished sprouted Millets flour for processing noodles and vermicelli. For pongal mix also we use sprouted and dried millets. Young Mothers feed their kids our millet noodles without guilty.

Working women and bachelors no need to spend much time in the kitchen since it is a ready to cook item. Anyone can cook it just in 10 minutes. Using traditional solar drying Method for dyring Noodles , not Oil Frying method. Our competitors are not using sprouted millet flours.

Revenue Generation:

We generate revenue through B2B and B2C model. Our presence in the market is via online and offline. Our cusotmers reaching us through whatsapp, Insta, Linkedin, E-Mail, FB Page, website and direct purchase. Our targert customers are Importers, Supermarkets, Hypermarkets, Dealers, Distrinutors, Canteens, Hostels, Hotels, Caterers, Kids, Youths, working women, Bachelors and families looking for healthy food products.