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Franchise Business  : 3 Reasons To Consider Purchasing One In Gurgaon in 2022

Gurgaon is a city just southwest of New Delhi in northern india. It’s known as a financial and technology hub. The kingdom of dream is a large complex for theatrical shows. Sheetala mata mandir is an orange and white striped hindu temple.

Gurgaon  is india’s  second largest financial information and technology hub and third largest financial and banking hub

  Gurgaon is also home to India’s largest medical tourism industry. Despite being India’s 56th largest city in terms of population, Gurgaon is the 8th largest city in the country in terms of total wealth  Gurgaon serves as the headquarters of many of India’s largest companies, is home to thousands of startup companies and has local offices for more than 250 Fortune 500 companies. It accounts for almost 70% of the total annual economic investments in Haryana state, which has helped it become a leading hub for high-tech industry in northern India.] Gurgaon is categorized as very high on the Human Development Index, with an HDI of 0.889 (2017).] Most infrastructure in the city is made by private corporations 

Gurgaon’s economic growth started in the 1970s when Maruti Suzuki India Limited established a manufacturing plant and gathered pace after General Electric established its business outsourcing operations in the city in collaboration with real-estate firm DLFManesar and Sohna serve as adjoining manufacturing and upcoming real estate hubs for Gurgaon. Despite rapid economic and population growth, Gurgaon continues to battle socio-economic issues, such as high-income inequality and high air pollution. It also has a flood problem due to the limited drainage capacity. 

Financial Hub of india 

Gurgaon is known as the financial hub of the india. In gurgaon there a lot of  Multi-National and other small and large companies which provides their services. Gurgaon is the financial hub of india, it creates a large number of revenue which means people spent a lot of money in the markets. In gurgaon there is large number of customer base. And also in gurgaon the living standard of people is so high they prefer high quality goods. Gurgaon accounts almost 70 % of the total annual  economic investments  in Haryana state, which has helped it becomes the leading hub for high-tech industry in northern india.

Living of Standard

Gurgaon is a metro and a very big city. It is also a financial hub in india. So the living standard of the people is very high. They select the high quality and good  products of the market. In gurgaon people choose the expensive goods more. They are happy to use the luxury goods. Also the market of gurgaon is very high and big. In gurgaon people spent a lot of money in the market. 

According to the market study of Gurgaon, a large number of customers buy good products. They can purchase only those products which have good brand value and also have good features. In the metro cities price is least important for the customer. And you can only compete with the market in gurgaon with the franchise system, because in franchisee system companies also have a good reputation and large customer base .

Large Customer Base

Gurgaon is a very big city. There are a lot of people who can visit gurgaon on a daily  basis and purchase the products from the local market of the gurgaon. Also we can see mostly rural Haryana and Delhi go to gurgaon for the shopping and purchase a lot of items from the markets of the gurgaon, also gurgaon is the financial and technology hub of india. So they have a very large number of customers.



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