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Category :-  HEALTH
Investment Range :₹10,000 -₹50,000
Area Required :400 sq ft.- 1000sq ft.

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Healthcare Professionals, Businesses Platforms have moved from an offline-only to a hybrid model, further accelerated in this Pandemic Year. While digital adoption is here to stay grow, some of the challenges, which were existing offline, have also migrated online e.g., fragmentation of services, competition for the same market, cannibalization of revenues. On the other side, a glaring huge underserved market exists. In B2B, some segments still experience a huge asymmetry. In B2C, due to inefficiencies, costs access problems, only a minority is touched by healthcare. The cost of healthcare can be reduced by curtailing asymmetry inefficiency, leading to a larger healthier population. Healium solves these market challenges by establishing a 360 Ecosystem of all Healthcare Professionals, Businesses Platforms. These entities or Members are constantly connected, transactions take place between all-to-all: Satisfy existing demand (e.g., hospital services, hospital supplies, allied healthcare products, software) Latent demand (new health tech, new joint ventures, new products, new channels developed B2B2C, that joint innovation can produce); solutions healthcare professionals didnt know they needed. Current stage: Listed 400k Healthcare Allied Professionals; Go-To-Market (were completing KYC induction of Members to the platform). We are looking for Growth Partners: Affiliates Franchisees. Franchisees would help us grow the Healthcare Partner base, manage relationships, help generate revenues growth in target verticals and geographies, provide value added services. Affiliates would help us sell memberships of the platform and solutions listed therein. Essential for Franchisees Desirable in affiliates: Digital marketing expertise.

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